We offer sales and lead generation programs through Emerge Sales. SalesGen is a proven business growth service that delivers solid, sale-ready appointments/leads in addition to valuable market information for your sales professionals! You provide the criteria. We set the appointments. Your team closes the sale!
The SalesGen program is completed in several phases, starting with discovery. Our team learns about your specific appointment criteria and then we work together to develop a call strategy and conversation guide. We guarantee our appointments by providing the actual sales call recordings and reporting for your team to review before visiting the prospect.

We Love Working With Talented Sales Organizations Who Meet The Following Criteria:

  • Sizes of individual sales territories are too large for proper coverage.

  • Highly technical/educated salespersons can't prospect enough or don't like to.

  • Lack the skills and technology to be effective at prospecting.

  • Want to have highly paid, best and brightest reps only in front of the right opportunities every day.

  • Want to grow faster.

  • Want a fast and successful new product launch.

The bottom line is you use us if you want more sales NOW and understand more qualified appointments equal more sales!