Database Append & Hygiene

How can you meet your revenue and business objectives if you have poor customer & prospect data?

Data inefficiencies have a major drain on:
• New business opportunity generation
• Return on marketing spend
• Cost per lead/New customer acquisition expense
• Bottom line revenues

Manually cleaning and validating thousands upon thousands of leads, merging them with your existing contacts, eliminating duplicates, and appending records to provide a complete contact can be an impossible task even for the largest healthcare companies, and extremely costly.
Emerge Database Append & Hygiene services will help your marketing team repair their sales and marketing databases and produce validated contact records with complete accuracy freeing them to do what they do best-create the content and strategies you need to help deliver new sales. Customer and prospect data that is always sales and marketing ready results in greater marketing effectiveness and increased pipeline and sales revenues for your organization.

Phase 1: Repair
Emerge understands the complexity of healthcare sales. Understanding your target market is the key to creating the right message that will elicit the responses needed to uncover vital contact and competitive data intelligence. Incomplete or bad contact, prospect, or competitive intelligence can cause the best marketing campaigns and sales activities to fail because you can’t fully understand your targets or reach your audience.

Phase 2: Maintenance
Once the database is repaired, it’s critical to understand that an ongoing strategy and commitment is needed to maintain and update your database. This is the process of periodic communication with your customers and prospects to ensure your account information is accurate. This not only keeps your data “sales ready”, it also creates an opportunity to continually educate your targets with valuable company and product information that can transform a typical lead or contact record into a much more powerful revenue generation tool. Without a commitment to maintenance, the database degradation cycle will continue.