Real relationships, whether in our personal lives or in business, are established and grown through meaningful 1 to 1 conversations. Leveraging the telephone as central component of your B2B lead generation strategy will help you efficiently:

• Properly position your products and services directly to decision makers and key stakeholders
• Identify new decision makers quickly
• Aggregate competitive placement data (model, install dates, vendor insight)
• Clarify where qualified opportunities exist throughout an organization
• Continually update and refresh contact information

With SalesGen, our experienced Business Development Executives can have these phone conversations for you. We efficiently contact your target market to identify and score sales leads. And we’ll let you know which decision makers have an active need and are open to a follow up from your sales team.

Best in Class: Our Business Development Team

• 100% US Based, all global projects executed in native language if necessary
• All college educated, some with advanced degrees (average 8+ years of experience)
• Complete expertise in having meaningful conversations with highly educated healthcare executives, clinicians, and office staff

Best in Class: Operational Systems & Processes

• Developed a proprietary reporting package that integrates seamlessly with all CRM software
• Each client has access to a customized, fully encrypted portal 24 x 7x 365 to review/manage daily activities
• We operate with 100% transparency, ALL activity is recorded and performance metrics are updated daily
• Each interaction with your prospect is scored to your s ales criteria. YOU define “sales ready”

Common Lead Generation Campaigns

• GPO contract award announcements, compliance and revenue maximization
• New Product Launches
• Product Recalls
• Competitor Vulnerability
• Total market coverage with small sales team
• Revitalize underperforming territories and products