Lead Nurturing

Everyone loves sales-ready leads, but to meet your financial objectives, you must convert from Mid-Funnel.

Once a prospect becomes a lead, that account enters your sales funnel and the real work begins. Just because a person has engaged with you once over the phone or responded to an e-book doesn’t mean that lead is ready for a sales call. In fact, the vast majority of your sales funnel may not be ready to close for a year or longer. Lead nurturing helps by providing your leads with a steady flow of product information that is relevant to their initial conversion and influences them toward a buy decision.

Lead Nurturing Campaigns
Lead nurturing campaigns created and administered by Emerge combine three central strategies: phone, email, and social media. All nurturing programs are customized to meet your specific objectives and delivered on a time-based criteria that will continually educate your prospects and create “Top of Mind” awareness so that when they are ready to advance-you will be there at the right time with the right information. Phone calls, Emails, and Social Media posts are sent to segmented lists of your leads based on their demographics and interest in specific products on a time-based criteria. Each campaign consists of several “touches” executed automatically at intervals that add up to your average sales cycle for a selected product.

Lead Nurturing Benefits:
• Reduce the number of leads lost due to lack of timely follow-up.
• Advance the sales process automatically
• Qualify your leads by their interaction with your content.
• Segment your leads into buy-cycle stages for lead nurturing.
• Deliver highly qualified sales leads to your sales team via CRM integration.
• Dramatically shorten the sales cycle and increase customer retention.
• Capitalize when your competition is most vulnerable.